Water Bears

Design Director - 2015 // Puzzle design, experience design, educational content design. 

Water Bears is an adorable and challenging puzzle game designed for mobile (and since ported into VR). In Water Bears, players place pipes to direct colored water to fall on a water bear. These creature are picky, though - they will only accept water of a particular color. You'll need to put the pipes in the right place and manipulate the water's color and flow to make all of the water bears happy. 

The game was originally designed as a classroom game to give players hands-on experience with Systems Thinking. It also stands beautifully on its own as a full-fledged puzzle game. I designed all the levels and was in charge of the player experience for the product. 

Water Bears is a 2015 Serious Play Awards Gold Medal Winner and a 2015 Children's Technology Review Editor's Choice for Excellence in Design. Since its launch, Water Bears has been adapted (by a different team at Schell Games) into a VR experience available for the HTC Vive

Water Bears on the App Store and Google Play.