Balli Plastici

Experience Designer - 2009

Depero Futuristi was the name of the team in charge of re-imagining Balli Plastici, the ‘plastic dance’ created by Italian Futurist Fortunato Depero in 1918. The marionettes used in the dance encapsulate the Futurist ideal of machinery striving to break free of human control. Our goal was to digitize Depero’s puppets and develop a toolkit anyone can use to create their own Futurist-inspired ballets. Our efforts moved the marionettes beyond mere appreciation, propelling them continually forward as living art.

We reimagined Depero's original vision as a 30-minute animation and created a digital puppeteering tool to empower creators of all ages to choreograph their own marionette ballet using Depero's designs.

Our work traveled the world with notable showings including:

  • Casa Depero in Rovereto, Italy - Home of Fortunato Depero
  • Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Museum of Art and Design in New York, NY - as part of the Performa 09 festival
  • Art Center Nabi in Seoul, South Korea
  • MART museum in Rovereto, Italy
  • Publication in Art of America magazine
  • NAB Show in Las Vegas, NV
  • Three Rivers Art Festival in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Italian Culture Institute in Washington, DC
  • Live performance in Trento, Italy. Musicalized by the Globus Orchestra