Rashomon Interactive

Experience Designer & Developer - 2008

In 2008, I formed part of a team in charge of exploring different angles for the marriage of interactive technologies and traditional theater for four months.

The resulting performance, an adaptation of the short story (and film) Rashomon, had the audience sitting in swivel chairs at the center of a hexagonal stage. Each chair, equipped with a rotational sensor, allowed audience members to control a percentage of the the volume coming from three projection screens located around the hexagonal stage. 

The experience explored themes of social dynamics, storytelling and hidden biases. The audience's attention, tracked via the rotational sensors, determined the order in which each character retold their story. Part audience, part jury, it would be up to each audience member to form their own opinion of the events as told by the characters in the play. 

Rashomon was presented in Winter 2008 at the Rauh Theater in Pittsburgh, PA.

Below is an image from the original design document for Rashomon.